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I have been a Marketing Consultant for thirty three years!

My favorite kind of marketing is Free Publicity.

Why is that my favorite? Because it is easy and it is FREE.

You can get FREE space on TV, in Newspapers, Magazines and on the Radio...
all FREE FOR THE ASKING...if you know how to ask... and if you find a way to make yourself newsworthy.

Are you asking how you can be newsworthy?

Anyone (yes I mean ANYone) can be newsworthy.

Here are only 10 simple ideas that always work and see how many you can apply to you, your office, your products, or your business. Once you select one, let the press know what you are doing.

Pay attention to the local news and let the media know how you feel. When the county was moving to take seat belts off school buses a chiropractor client went before the school board urging them to put seat belts on school buses. He came armed with some basic statistics and a plea to protect our greatest assets- our children. " We ship oranges under safer conditions that we transport our children to and from school." Every television news channel featured him as well as the major newspapers.
Tie yourself into topics covered on ordinary television shows. When a main character on a TV drama developed cancer, a therapist called the local TV station of the network that aired that show to tell them about the woman's support group she ran for cancer survivors. The local news repeatedly ran a promo for the news piece all during the airing of the show. The News liked it because it kept people tuned to that station and it gave the therapist great coverage and immediate credibility. Read the TV guide, and pay attention to the top shows. Imagine if a therapist called their local network about "How to Cope with Unrequited Love" after the FRIENDS episode where Joey told Rachel that he loved her.
Be controversial. Pick up on any trend and go against it. A radio talk show called me once to find a physician who would discuss why we should raise the speed limit. Watch TV, read the news and find something that you disagree with. A shoe storeowner that finds research suggesting that the new pointy-toed shoes are actually good for your feet would get some press coverage. Just be careful to be honest in everything you say and be able to back it up with research. Be prepared for the aftershock of being controversial. If you can't take the heat, don't do it.
Create a survey. Have someone actually make phone calls asking the questions. Pick questions related to your field that people would be interested in hearing the answer to. Anyone in any profession can present a survey on any subject.

Some simple questions are:

  • If you had to do it over what one thing would you change about your life?
  • If you had to do it again, would you marry the same person?
  • How many children do you have and if you had to do it again, how many would you have?
If possible compile your answers by age, sex or income of the respondents. If you have a web site, put the survey up on your web site as well. Change the survey monthly and announce the last month's results and announce the new question to the press as well.
Give a free class teaching people how to do what you do. I give free talks on how to get free publicity. It sells more books and gets me new clients. Most churches, synagogues and libraries will give you space to do this at no charge.
Do something for a group in need. A chiropractor client gave physical examinations to boys from a shelter and then arranged for them to have lunch at a local pizzeria followed by the afternoon at a game room. All of the people involved, the doctor, the pizzeria, and the game room, got press coverage. You don't have to be the physician to put something like this together. You can organize the day, find a physician willing to give a few hours to do exams, and then get everything else donated. You will be the press contact and the organizer. The article will be about what you did and everyone else will be mentioned making it a win-win for all involved, especially the group that you are helping.
Set up a web site like this one- that you are reading right now -giving people FREE information that they can use. Many will buy your book, visit your store or use your services. Don't be afraid of giving information away. The more you give, the more you receive. Besides, everyone who is reading this page is thinking "WOW if this is what Sheila gives away, imagine what she can do for me if I hire her!"
Buy time on a local radio show and host your own talk show. You can charge guests to appear. Put announcements and photos of yourself on the air in your office. Put it in your ads or newsletters. Hosting a talk show will elevate you to "expert" status very quickly. Provide the guest with a photo of him or herself sitting at the mike for her office, newsletter or ads. Chances are you can offset any costs for the airtime by having guests pay a modest fee that they will be happy to pay.
Let the press know about the good deeds you already are doing. A surgeon who was a gardener sent flowers from his garden to patients. It made a nice feature in the gardening section. A restaurant owner who sent food over to the local shelter made the news. Don't start doing nice things once in a while just to have a story written about you. It won't work and it may blow up in your face.
Be timely. Write a letter to the editor on a timely topic. Letters to the editor can be framed and put up in your office the same way an article can. If you have several letters published call the editor and offer to write a column. Writing columns on any subject will make you an expert in the field.

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