It's All Free.

How To Get Rich and Famous with Free Press Coverage.

Promote yourself, your business, or any cause....Without Spending A Single Dollar on Advertising!

After 40 years of marketing I learned one crucial truth - "Customer's Flock to Businesses That are in The News." You will appear to be a leader in your field and that is who people go to, in good times and bad.

Dear Entrepreneur,

It's All Free

By reading this report I know you maybe worried about the recession that is upon us. You are in needs of a low cost - or now cost - way to promote your business and grow even in bad times. After 40 years of marketing I am here to give you that one technique that works even better in bad economic times than good times: FREE PUBLICITY.

Did you know that Radio Talk Shows, Newspaper Reporters and TV News Crews are all looking for people like YOU to fill time and space.  If they think you have something new or interesting to say you will be in the news or on the radio or TV, practically overnight.

You can use These FREE News Articles and Appearances to Build Your Business, Become Famous, Impress Investors, Get The Job You Want, or Gain Admission to the College of Your Choice.

You Can't Buy Ads That Will Be As Powerful As Free Publicity. Your name in the news gives you immediate credibility, believablity, and makes you an expert and leader in your field.  If you have a food drive no one knows or cares.  If there is a newspaper story about that food drive - everyone finds out and you are a local celebrity.

It is Easy.....Anyone Can Do It.....You Don't Need Any Special Contacts. 

I Will Teach You Every Inside Trade Secret That I Have Been Perfecting For The Past 32 Years. And My Favorite Part of Free Publicity is that it is FREE.

How do you know that I am telling the truth?  Lot's of people are making wild claims about how you can make money and most of them never made any money. Lot's of people are reading my materials and then claim to know how to teach you how to get free publicity.  But only I can promise to give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK if my system does not work.  That is how sure I am that you can't fail.

My name is Sheila Danzig and over a period of eight years alone, I PERSONALLY have lead the company that I founded to generate revenues of over $20,000,000.00 (that's twenty MILLION dollars) selling information.  My advertising budget was very small but I knew how to get FREE publicity.  Thousands of dollars worth of free air time and newspaper space easily used to promote any project I was working on.  Now I'd like to teach you how to do it for any purpose you like.

I have received over $100,000.00 in FREE Publicity for just one unknown web site that soon became flooded with traffic.  I have taught students who to have articles written about themselves.  They have added those articles to their job and college applications and credit those articles with their success in their job search and getting admitted into the school of their choice.  Was there anything unique about these students? No. They were regular people - just like you.  With my simple strategies the press will be compelled to call you and put you on the air or in the news!

I have gotten tens of thousands of dollars of advertising for my clients and customers who bought my publicity materials have done the same for themselves.  These people are not rock stars.  They are not people with "pet rocks" to sell.  They are regular people just like you who wanted some local press coverage to promote themselves and their businesses.  Anyone can get press coverage for rock stars and pet rocks.  I can get free publicity for anyone.

Frankly, if you hired me to handle your publicity I would charge you between $2,000 and $10,000 a month.  I would do an excellent job but I will teach you how to do it all yourself because the truth is you don't need me or any other marketing specialist.

Keep Reading You Will Quickly Learn (without buying a thing):

  • arrow That You Can Generate All the FREE Publicity You Want and How You Can Do It Over and Over - Almost At Will, Whenever You Want More Free Space.
  • arrow Why You Can't Buy Ads This Powerful. Publicity gives you an implied endorsement of the press. You will become an overnight expert or celebrity.
  • arrow How You Can Use An Article To Make You Rich and Famous for Years After the Article has Appeared. Maybe Forever.
  • arrow How To Do it All on a Shoe-String Budget.

»Why is Free Publicity So Valuable?

If you could buy this radio time as a guest it would cost you from $300 to $1000 and more for a two minute local spot.  If you are on a national syndicated talk show, that time would cost as much as $20,000.00.  One hour on a small radio talk show would cost over $10,000 and over a million dollars the Howard Stern Show.  And it is worth even more because you are not buying it.  You are not an advertiser.  People tune out the advertisers but they listen very carefully to the guests.

The same is true for newspapers and magazines.  When you are featured in a newspaper article that space could cost up to $10,000.00.  When you are seen on the nightly news that time could cost even more.  But unlike buying time, when you are featured by the media you will become an overnight expert.  You will be credible, believable, and seen as a leader in your field asesomeone the press has sought out.

Doesn't an Ordinary Person Have to Be Promoting a Noble Cause to Get in the News?

You can promote anything you want.  I will teach you how to give the press exactly what they are looking for. You can do this for personal gain, to build a business, for your chess club, for a political cause, to promote a charity, to create interest in a book, to gain admission to college or graduate school, or to get a job.  My system is fail safe and fool proof.  It has never failed me nor anyone who has tried it.  Never.

»Are You Ready For a Barrage of Business?

The first client I had owned a small beauty shop.  While she was on a local radio talk show her staff could not keep up with all of the phone calls that came pouring in.  It took me about fifteen minutes to get her booked on the talk show.

Another client - a chiropractor - told me he was immediately viewed as "the best" doctor in town thanks to a flood of press coverage I got for him.  He was on all four of the local evening news programs, all of the local daily and weekly newspapers as well as the radio news.  This took me about 45 minutes to arrange.

Twice a year just one of my web sites is bombarded with traffic because it is featured in newspapers and on radio and TV news all over the country.  It takes me about 10 minutes every six month to accomplish this.  In 2002 I handled thirteen radio interviews in one day and my sons were invited to write an op-ed piece for New York's Newsday - and were paid for writing it.  One of my sons was on Fox news nationwide.  All this was from a one page press release that was faxed to about 50 different people.  Fox News found us because they saw the Newsday piece.  Then radio stations called after seeing the Fox piece.  Publicity feeds on itself and grows and grows on its own.  One year we didn't send any press releases out and we still ended up on the front page of the "Lifestyle" section of two major daily newspapers and with mentions in dozens of other newspapers.

I don't follow any of the "rules" that you may read elsewhere about how to get free publicity.  I often wonder if the people who write those books ever really got any press coverage.  They seem to know how to collect big fees and get lucky here and there.  I know what it takes to really get free publicity and I get it every time I try.  I developed a system that anyone can follow.  You don't need special training or skills.  You only need my simple step-by-step system.  So easy that I could teach it to elementary school students and it would work for them.  There is no mystery to getting free publicity.  PR firms make it look mysterious so that they can justify their fees.  I make it simple enough for anyone to succeed.

Let's face it, anyone can promote a rock star but I can promote anything and I can teach you how to it.  To prove it I created a web page that taught people how to dance the Macarena.  The site was featured in Red Book Magazine and on CNN News.  I will teach you everything exactly how to do the same thing.

There are tens of thousands of newspapers, radio and TV stations and magazines nationwide.  You can keep appearing in one after the other whenever you chose.  I'll teach you how to create new angles and hooks at will and exactly (and I mean exactly) how to contact the press. They are in desperate need of people to feature - all you need to do is learn the right way to get their attention. 

The number one technique you need to know is how to write a headline. Most PR firms don't know this.  The headline is the ad For the press release. It will get the reporter on the phone calling you before he finishes reading the rest of it. If you don't believe that headlines sell just watch people who are checking out at the supermarket.  The headline on the Enquirer, Woman's Day, and Readers Digest grab their attention and the next thing you know they are buying the magazine.  Did you know that a top headline writer for one of these magazines earns $200,000.00 a year. That is how powerful headlines are!  Can you learn how to write headlines that are as powerful? Absolutely.  I have spent over thirty years creating a perfect headline formula for press releases. It always works.  Always.

The second secret, almost as important as the headline, is for you to make yourself newsworthy.  You don't have a pet rock and you are not a rock star.  I'll teach you simple techniques that will make you newsworthy so that the press can't wait to interview or write about you. It is so simple that I am almost embarrassed to charge for it.

You Can and You Will Get Rich and Famous With Free Publicity.

My course will teach you everything you need to know. You'll quickly learn:

The one thing that everyone is asking when they read your press release. Learn this and you'll never have your press release tossed into the trash.

  • arrow How to contact the press if you are not comfortable writing a press release. It works just as well and is twice as easy. I don't care if you failed high school English - I can show you how to do this.
  • arrow How to guarantee that your address or phone number is mentioned on the air or in an article so that the interview and article results in tons of business for you.
  • arrow How to do almost all of your work from home on your schedule.
  • arrow Actual copies of press releases that resulted in hundreds and thousands of dollars of press coverage.
  • arrow How to use your local media to become Rich and Famous and why it is just as effective for 99% of my clients as CNN. The small local media can do as big a job as the national news and they are 1000 times easier to appear in. And the big exposures can come about as a result of someone reading a small newspaper.

It is fast, easy and cheap.  You can fax ten or ten thousand press releases right from your home.

The entire course is only $495.00.  It will be sent to you as an attached file with no shipping or handling charges.

We all know that if we see a newspaper review singing the praises about a restaurant and an ad saying the same things about another restaurant we'll go to the restaurant that was well reviewed.  In fact, a good restaurant review can permanently build a restaurant's business. 

Why not apply that concept to every aspect of your life?  In other words, instead of placing an ad about your business, use free press coverage to feature you in newspapers, on TV and radio.

Students who have used my techniques have added the resulting press coverage to their college or job applications.  It works.  Who would you hire or admit to your school, someone who lists some achievements or someone whose achievements the press has written about?  You will stand out in a crowd.  You can't buy ads this good because when you buy ads, everyone knows you bought it.  When the press writes about you everyone thinks that you are special.  It will make you an instant expert and local celebrity. 

Have you ever heard of Canfield Soda?  When one member of the press wrote that Canfield diet chocolate soda tasted like a calorie free hot fudge sundae, sales soared and customers couldn't even find the soda because it literally flew off the shelves.  And even more exciting, Canfield received a better shelf space location in the top supermarket chains.  It went from a practically unknown brand to a super-seller, almost overnight.

Do you remember what happened when Victoria's Secrets unveiled their first web site?  Using no advertising, they did such a good job at getting the press interested in their web site that the site kept crashing because they had so much traffic.  People just poured in.  Doctors find that newspaper articles bring in fee for service patients rather than managed care patients.

»Are You Starting to Imagine What Free Publicity Can Do For You?

Everyone needs to have media coverage because nothing else makes you as believable, as credible or as important to the general public.  Being interviewed on a radio show is much more valuable and powerful than you buying an ad on that same radio show. An appearance on a radio talk show will make you appear as if you are a leader in your field even if no one hears the show because I will teach you a two minute technique that will insure that all of your customers, friends, neighbors, vendors and family find out about it.  It won't matter if that article appears in a local paper with a circulation of twelve.  I'll teach you my method to guarantee that everyone who knows you learns about it.

I'll teach you how to reprint the articles and use them to promote your business for years to come. You will never lose that magic "charm" of being recognized by the press.

AND If you still want to place ads I'll teach you how to place ads that have the same impact as the articles that were written about you.  This is so easy, tremendously effective and hardly ever used by anyone.

When I wrote my course I was committed to teaching everyone who wants free publicity how to get it and I was committed to doing it cheaper than anyone else on the market.  And I did.

My course, "The Ultimate Guide to Free Publicity" is $495.00.  It will be sent to you as an attached file via email within 24 hours of the time you order, in Acrobat format so you can read it on a PC or a MAC.  There is no shipping.

Plus you will get the following FREE Bonuses:

bonus #1One Year of once-a-week email consultations. $3900.00 Value.
bonus #24 press releases re-written by Sheila. $3200.00 Value.
bonus #3List of sites that publish Press Releases FREE. $500.00 Value.
bonus #4The Top 10 Subjects Most Talked About on Talk Radio.Slant Your Promotion Toward These Subjects and You'll Double the Change of Getting On The Air. $200.00 Value.
bonus #5Mail, Phone and Fax Contact Information for TEN of the TOP Syndicated Radio Shows.  $250.00 Value.
bonus #6Mail, Phone, Fax, and E-Mail Contact Information for the TOP 95 US Newspapers. Value $200.00.

Total Bonus Value: $8,250.00  Absolutely FREE.  And even if you RETURN the Course, you KEEP ALL OF THE FREE BONUSES!

Read the course, study it, use it, for up to one year.  Use your free consultations.  Send your press releases out.  Keep doing this for up to one year.  If you do not get media coverage email me again, show me that you tried it, KEEP ALL OF THE BONUSES and I will give you DOUBLE your money back.  That's correct - I will give you $990.00! That is how sure I am that you will LOVE this course.  No one else DARES to make that kind of a guarantee.

For ONLY $495 you get all of my strategies, samples, examples, scripts and contacts that I have used to get thousands of dollars worth of free publicity.

»What my clients and customers are saying about my system:

"...I refer back to your whole package regularly for ideas... I'm ahead by (as of Friday) $16,683 in the 2 months since I implemented your ideas. Thanks, Sheila!" And a year later, he wrote: "I can directly attribute the growth of my own on-line businesses to their current level of $240,000/year to your original product that I bought years ago."

From an insurance broker: "The article does the selling for me. Unlike an ad, an article gives me credibility. I never feel as if I am chasing after clients any more. I sent an email out to friends, neighbors and associates and the phone rang off the hook. I don't know how to thank you enough for the extraordinary job you have done.

"From an attorney: "When I started giving a copy of the article that appeared about my firm to my clients my practice increased by 27% almost over night."

From a dentist: "The article was amazing! My patient referrals have jumped since I started leaving copies of the articles out for patients to take home."

And from people just like you:

"Thanks Sheila, the phone did not stop ringing after the newspaper article about me appeared. And even more valuable, I hand copies of the articles when I speak or meet with potential clients. Everyone thinks I am the main man in my field."

"After only a few phone calls the press was all over my store (The All Kids Bookstore) the night before my store opened. We were on the evening news and there was a full page story about us in the Miami Herald. All I can say is that you are great!"

"People think that being a Dentist is boring - but you got me splashed all over the news in no time. I just moved to a new town and a new practice, and but I have the phone ringing and ringing thanks to you!"

"Nothing short of amazing."

"Following your techniques my son was in the news and we used the article as part of his graduate school application. Yes, he was accepted!

"What makes this process so great for me as a physician is that when I appear in a newspaper article people automatically think I am an expert. When I pay for ads they think I can't get any patients on my own. None of my patients know that I used Sheila to get me the press coverage- they all think the newspapers came after me. I like that!"

"After following Sheila's advice my brother and I were asked to write an op-ed piece in NEWSDAY about our web site. The next night my brother was interviewed by the local Fox affiliate news channel and that story was aired on Fox affiliates nationwide. We received over $10,000.00 in free space and air time. Sheila is my mom so I can tell you first hand that my business success had its basis in what we learned from her. The first book on tape that my mom bought us was "Ogilvy on Advertising."..Greg Danzig

Yours for success,

Sheila Danzig

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