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By reading this report I know you are aware that the economy is getting weaker and weaker and wondering where that will leave your business or practice. But did you know that during the great depression many businesses closed but many businesses prospered. In good times businesses don't think they need to focus how to build their business. In bad times they tend to become afraid to build their business. But bad times are the time you must focus because a bad time does not have to mean bad times for you. No matter how bad this recession may get, or even in the great depression, you can prosper if you are the leader in your field. And you can be seen as the leader in your field, almost overnight with FREE PUBLICITY.

You may not be aware that knowing how to use an article that appears about you or your business can boost sales almost overnight. In fact, most people don't know that using the article properly is much more powerful than the article's appearance. That is why I am now offering this new service. When you are featured by the media there is an implied endorsement by the press. When people see you on the news, hear you on the radio or read an article about you in a newspaper they assume that you are the best.

You Can't Buy Ads That Will Be As Powerful As Free Publicity. Publicity will make you appear to be the BEST in your field. Even when others fail you will succeed. People flock to businesses in the news, time and time again. Your name in the news gives you immediate credibility, believability, and makes you an expert and leader in your field. If you have a food drive no one knows or cares. If there is a newspaper story about that food drive - everyone finds out and you are a local celebrity.

Who am I? My name is Sheila Danzig and I have been teaching people how to get FREE PUBLICITY for over 25 years. I have written numerous articles and book on the subject: "How to Build Your Medical Practice with Free Press Coverage", and authored "Power Publicity" and "How to Get Rich and Famous With Free Press Coverage" as well as my Internet marketing program, "Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine TM." And despite the fact that my own competition is other PR and Marketing firms I have appeared in the press numerous times.

More important, I have taught people just like you to make money without the aid of a publicist or PR agency. Read what just a few of my clients have said:

My clients say it better than I can:

"...I refer back to your whole package regularly for ideas... I'm ahead by (as of Friday) $16,683 in the 2 months since I implemented your ideas. Thanks, Sheila!" And a year later, he wrote: "I can directly attribute the growth of my own on-line businesses to their current level of $240,000/year to your original product that I bought years ago."

From an insurance broker: "The article does the selling for me. Unlike an ad, an article gives me credibility. I never feel as if I am chasing after clients any more. I sent an email out to friends, neighbors and associates and the phone rang off the hook. I don't know how to thank you enough for the extraordinary job you have done.

"From an attorney: "When I started giving a copy of the article that appeared about my firm to my clients my practice increased by 27% almost over night."

From a dentist: "The article was amazing! My patient referrals have jumped since I started leaving copies of the articles out for patients to take home."

And from people just like you:

"Thanks Sheila, the phone did not stop ringing after the newspaper article about me appeared. And even more valuable, I hand out copies of the articles when I speak or meet with potential clients. Everyone thinks I am the main man in my field."

"After only a few phone calls the press was all over my store (The All Kids Bookstore) the night before my store opened. We were on the evening news and there was a full page story about us in the Miami Herald. All I can say is that you are great!"

"People think that being a Dentist is boring - but you got me splashed all over the news in no time. I just moved to a new town and a new practice, and but I have the phone ringing and ringing thanks to you!"

"Nothing short of amazing."

"Following your techniques my son was in the news and we used the article as part of his graduate school application. Yes, he was accepted!

"What makes this process so great for me as a physician is that when I appear in a newspaper article people automatically think I am an expert. When I pay for ads they think I can't get any patients on my own. None of my patients know that I used Sheila to get me the press coverage- they all think the newspapers came after me. I like that!"

"After following Sheila's advice my brother and I were asked to write an op-ed piece in NEWSDAY about our web site. The next night my brother was interviewed by the local Fox affiliate news channel and that story was aired on Fox affiliates nationwide. We received over $10,000.00 in free space and air time. Sheila is my mom so I can tell you first hand that my business success had its basis in what we learned from her. The first book on tape that my mom bought us was "Ogilvy on Advertising."..Greg Danzig

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Plus you will get the following FREE Bonuses:

One Year of once-a-week email consultations. $3900.00 Value.

4 press releases re-written by Sheila. $3200.00 Value.

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Total Bonus Value: $8,250.00 Absolutely FREE. And even if you RETURN the material for double your money back, you KEEP ALL OF THE FREE BONUSES!

Why Am I Doing This?
I have everything I could ever want and I retired over15 years ago, at the age of 44. I came OUT of retirement because I want to teach other people how to get exactly what they want in life --- even in these economically difficult times. I first did this by writing "HOW TO GET RICH AND FAMOUS WITH FREE PRESS COVERAGE." I packaged it with most everything anyone needs to do to get free press coverage and I sell it for $495.00.

But almost everyone wanted more from me. Even though I made it as simple as possible to get yourself or your business or practice in the news, people all said "Sheila, I want you to do it for me." I took on a very small number of clients and each one was successful. But that was not enough. I needed to find a way where I could do it for any client without the client taking any risk at all. After all, in recessionary times, no one has extra money to "find out" IF they can get their company in the news.

I built a new program where you would get the entire "HOW TO GET RICH AND FAMOUS WITH FREE PRESS COVERAGE" program with all of the free bonuses, along with my personally writing a press release for you - which you will approve - along with distribution of that press release throughout the country. You will get a full color proof of the article, with the newspaper banner at the top, suitable for framing and distribution to all of your customers, clients or patients. When someone stops by or sees your for a consultation they will walk about with a newspaper article featuring you or your business or practice. They will walk away believing you're the leader in the field. Existing clients, customers and patients will show others the article and referrals will climb. They always do! And I guarantee that your press release will appear in the news in at least 4 major media (TV, Major Newspaper, National Magazines) outlets or I will give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.

Click here to see one client's article. Your article will be very similar in look and effect.

You may still be wondering why being in the news help your business. Imagine it is Friday afternoon and you and a friend are talking about going out for Pasta after work. You see an ad for "Poppa's Pasta Place" and it says the food is great, the portions are large and the prices are low. Your friend sees a review for "Momma and Me Italian Restaurant." The review says that the food is great, the portions are large and the prices are low." Which will you believe? Will you believe the ad that you know the restaurant paid for where they toot their own horn, or will you believe the review where the newspaper gives its implied endorsement of the restaurant? That is the difference between an ad and an article about you. The article puts you head and shoulders about the rest. And you can use that article for years to come. It will always maintain that you are the leader.

How can I afford to make a double your money back offer? It is simple. I have a reputation for being "allergic" to refunds. Therefore I have never taken on a client I can't succeed with. And I can succeed with any client. Guaranteed. If I am wrong I lose. But if I am wrong - you can be positioned as the leader in your field, no matter what that field is. People flock to companies that are in the news even in bad economic times. Even in the great depression some businesses thrived. You can be that business. Step up to the plate and give your business the exposure it deserves.

And the truth is, yes, there is something more in this for me. My goal is to have a syndicated marketing column. But to get there I need to have a carton full of testimonial letters. In order to get a testimonial letter from you I need to get you to order. Therefore I have first CUT MY PRICE IN HALF - Instead of charging $4500.00 for this package, I am charging $2250.00. Second, to get you to order I have to make an unheard of guarantee! If I don't succeed at placing your article you will get DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. I will personally guarantee that I will pay you $4,500.00 if I don't place an article about you or your business in a four major media (TV, Major Newspaper, National Magazines) outlets.

You have nothing to lose and a chance to succeed, even in these treacherous times.

Sheila, I never saw an offer like this. I want to order quickly before you change your mind. Send me "HOW TO GET RICH AND FAMOUS WITH FREE PRESS COVERAGE" plus all of the bonuses, write a press release about my business, distribute the press release nationwide and place the article in a publication in my home state and supply me with a camera ready color proof suitable for framing and printing. If you don't place the article in four major media (TV, Major Newspaper, National Magazines) outlets within 60 days, you will refund $4,500.00 to me!

On those terms only, please change my credit or debit card $2250.00. I understand that there will be no other charges and that you don't even have anything else to sell to me.

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