Who Is Sheila Danzig?

About Sheila Danzig
Sheila Danzig has been involved in marketing, publicity and advertising for over 30 years. She specializes in helping individuals and small businesses get FREE Publicity and market in recessionary times.
How Do I Know She Knows What She is Talking About?
Sheila does not teach information she finds in books. She teaches what she knows and has actually done for her own company and others. Her marketing efforts lead her company to earning of over 20 Million Dollars over a period of seven years. Best of all she has gotten press for herself and her competition is other PR firms. Sheila is listed in "Who's Who in America." She has written numerous manuals and handbooks including, "Power Publicity", "Patients Flock to Doctors Who Are In The News","Free For The Asking", "Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine ®" as well as special reports on how to Recession-Proof Your Business and more.
Can I really get FREE media coverage?
YES! Reporters and editors of the local news sections, local radio talk shows and local TV stations are looking for new faces and new stories. In other words they are looking for YOU.You can use this media coverage to increase business, becomes famous, get a job, or gain acceptance into the college of your choice. You can use it to sell a book, promote a talk. You can use it for anything you like. Click the link above that says "YOU CAN BE NEWSWORTHY" for a list of great ways that you can insure that YOU are in the news. If you want even more information go to the ORDER link for your copy of one of Sheila's books on how anyone can get FREE publicity.
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